Family Day FAQ’s


Are all the Family Day trainings the same?
No. We currently present a rotation of seven different trainings. Training topics will be scheduled and announced prior to Family Day each month.

What if we can’t take our student on a pass on the date scheduled for Family Day?
If you are able to attend the training session in the morning, but cannot take your student out for his or her pass in the afternoon, you are welcome to stay for the training and earn a “credit” for a pass on a future date. However, passes can only be taken once per calendar month.
If you cannot attend the Family Day training or take your student on his or her pass on the scheduled Family Day, please contact your student’s counselor to arrange for a make-up training and pass.

The Training Center is a long distance from where we live, how can we take our pass if we live too far away to attend the Family Day training?
Our Induction Centers also participate in Family Day and host a live-stream of our trainings at their locations (Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Sandhills, NC; Buffalo, NY and Syracuse NY). If you can make it to one of these locations for the training, you can earn credit there and take your pass at the Training Center on a later date. If you’re still having difficulty reaching a center to view the training, contact your student’s counselor to make other arrangements.

How do I RSVP for family day?
Please register online or call/email a representative from the SAFE department to let us know you’re planning on attending. In addition, your student must also contact his or her counselor to apply for a pass.
Click here to Register for Family Day

What are the accommodations like for children?

While there is no childcare provided during the training, we do provide an area for children to retreat with a guardian if they become restless. A member of your party must remain with the child at all times. In order to earn credit for the training you or an additional family member must be present for the entire presentation. We recommend bringing family or friends to assist you with your child should you decide to bring them along. We also suggest that parents use discretion when bringing children to the trainings as some of them feature drug and alcohol-related content that may not be appropriate for young children.

My student has graduated or is about to graduate, can I still attend Family Day?
Yes. We encourage you to continue attending Family Day for as long as you are able. While some of our training material will repeat, we hope that you will still find value in the fellowship you’ll find here with other Teen Challenge families. It is also our desire to continue to serve you as a staff, offer you support and answer any questions you may have moving forward. If you plan on attending as an Alumni Family, please remember to RSVP to the SAFE department and let us know if you would like to continue receiving invitations each month.
*The information listed on this site pertains primarily to the procedures Teen Challenge Training Center. For more information about Family Day at our induction centers, please contact Amber Didden at 717-933-4182 ext. 1146.

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